The Workweek: A Round-Up of Labor Market Links for the Week Ending 12/2/16

This week’s labor market news on 1,000 manufacturing jobs, working parents, and older job-seekers.

Welcome back to The Workweek, the Indeed Hiring Lab’s round-up of the latest research, news, and perspectives that made us think deeply or differently about the labor market this week. It’s your guide to the most important new insights about work.

Here are our picks for this week:

The Economics and Politics of Saving 1,000 Jobs

This week President-elect Trump’s …

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Where Do International Job Seekers Look for Work?

New research from Indeed reveals where international job seekers want to work and what they want to do there.

Each year millions of people cross borders in search of new opportunities — and in today’s hyperconnected world it’s never been easier for job seekers to research the possibilities available to them elsewhere.

With a few taps of a finger or clicks of a mouse, any one of Indeed’s 200 million monthly users anywhere in the world can find out …

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